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[ Maldives Holiday Packages]

Remoteness and secrecy. Pure sunshine and gentle peace. Soft air, glossy water and silky coral sand. Try deep-sea fishing, sunset cruising, dolphin-watching, jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling. Escape on an island picnic or end the day languidly, with a deluxe body treatment or a t’ai chi, yoga or Pilate’s class. The Maldives feels like heaven. Savour Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Italian and Continental specialties. Fuse Middle Eastern flavour with Mediterranean taste. Sample seafood from clear waters. The Maldives tastes like heaven. Explore frenetic fishing villages. Hear the friendly calls of local people. Share their smiles. Visit the unique mosque of each tiny island. Engage with the bright and fascinating colour of Maldivian history. The Maldives sounds like heaven. Alongside protective reefs, shallow lagoons and schools of rainbow-hued inhabitants, Leisure Island Holidays offers exceptional experiences to the following 2 resorts – One&Only Reethi Rah and Kanuhura.

Other Resorts on this Island

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