Sep 192012
Just like a beautiful symphony, every little detail aboard MSC Sinfonia combines to surprise and delight you.

As her name suggests MSC Sinfonia is a cruise ship inspired by the works of Europe’s great classical composers and like the symphonies they produced, she is something of a master piece herself capable of capturing  and enhancing your every mood.

If you are looking for peace, quiet and relaxation, head for the MSC Aurea Spa where sauna, message and fitness centre will help you soothe away stresses of modern life. For a spot of good South African Sun head for the solarium or pull up a chair at one of the pools on deck. If you are into Golf enjoy the state of the art Virtual Golf Stimulator or if that’s to serious for you why not enjoy a spot of mini golf on the back deck. Traditional cruising pleasures abound too.

From the fine cuisine available in the restaurants, the cafe’ and the outdoor buffet, to the plethora of bars – the Irish pub, elegant lounges where you will find five bands, dancing and the lost art of conversation much in evidence. Why not let MSC Sinfonia take you to far away shores…

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